Watch our Advent study videos at your convenience from home

Amplify Media is a multimedia streaming platform that is free for all Richfield UMC members. Think of it as “Netflix for Churches,” only instead of you getting your own subscription, the church has one for you! Watch any video on it at any time through your tablet, mobile device, computer, and some smart TVs (Roku-enabled).

Amplify Media features thousands of videos and audiobooks for daily devotional and reflection, Bible studies, worship, and inspiration. 

How do I create my Amplify Media account?

Crawfordville UMC members and attenders, create your Amplify account and access thousands of videos, follow these simple steps:
2. Enter our church’s unique access code
   (Contact Pastor Paul at if you need a code)

3. Create your own user profile with your name, email, and your own private password.
    You will not be charged a fee. Crawfordville UMC already has the paid subscription that is for                        all members. Be sure to keep your email and password in a safe place so you can remember                        how to log in next time. 
4.  Click “Start Free Membership” to begin enjoying Amplify Media

Where do I watch Amplify Media content?

From your laptop or computer:

Use your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to set up your account, then create a new bookmark so you can easily get to Amplify Media without typing in the whole web address. Now you have 24/7 access to Amplify right at the click of a button.

From your phone, tablet, or other mobile device:

Go to the app store of your choice for your device (Apple App Store, Google Play for Android, Amazon App Store, etc.) and download the app. Then, login using your user profile email and private password. You now have 24/7 access to Amplify right in the palm of your hand.

From some smart TVs (Roku-enabled):

If your smart TV uses Roku technology or you have a Roku device attached to your TV, you can download the Amplify Media app from the Roku Channel Store. When you download, use your user profile email and private password. You now have 24/7 access to Amplify right in your living room.